At TGS we take care of the essentials for our employees. Then we do a whole lot more. Our benefits reflect our values, and the result is one of the most robust benefits programs in the industry. Here are just a few of the highlights.


The health and wellness of our employees and their families is one of our highest priorities. That’s why we offer top-tier health insurance with 100% employer paid monthly premiums as well as company-paid dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. For employees in our Irvine office, we have an on-campus fitness center complete with rock climbing wall, pool table, foosball, weights, yoga mats and cardio equipment. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Community (& Food)

Connection and communication amongst our employees is a big deal to us. Every day we bring in a catered or custom-ordered lunch, creating an opportunity to connect in a more relaxed and social atmosphere. We also keep a fully stocked kitchen, providing a space to chat with colleagues and an easy way to keep fueled throughout the day. We frequently make time for fun events outside of the office as well. Recent group outings have included trips to professional sporting events, theatre, laser tag, go-cart racing, picnics, and 25th anniversary celebrations.

Personal & Professional Growth

At TGS, we’re firm believers in lifelong learning. We want our employees to be constantly growing and improving – as employees and as people. To help facilitate this goal, we have a generous tuition reimbursement program, a distinguished guest speaker series, and a variety of in-house training events. We even have a dedicated learning lab where many of us offer small-class training sessions to the rest of the team.


We believe that financial wellbeing is a vital part of the employment picture. That’s why compensation packages at TGS are designed to benefit our employees in the both short term and long term. In addition to competitive salaries, we offer annual performance bonuses, deferred bonuses, and one of the best retirement programs in the industry.

Life Outside of Work

When you spend your workday solving hard problems and making a big impact, downtime can be just as important as hard work and focus (and we put a huge premium on hard work and focus). Our vacation program and paid holiday schedule allow ample opportunity to rejuvenate and focus on the important people in our lives. And we don’t just offer time off – we encourage our people to take it!


Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we are proud to celebrate that diversity. As an employer, we want our people to focus on the things that matter most at the times they matter most. That’s why we offer a generous adoption assistance program, paid maternity and paternity leave, voluntary life insurance, company events, and a variety of family-oriented benefits.